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When I had my daughter, I very quickly realised that my old training methods would no longer serve me well and support me to reach my new goals.

I was no longer able to go to the gym without prior planning, my workouts couldn’t be 2 hours long and it wasn’t as easy for me to knock up a nutritious

meal in minutes when I felt hungry. My step count was at an all time low and I was picking up more bad habits than good.


Hectic family life, lack of sleep, little or no routine; I GET IT. I see you, I feel you.

For a while I wondered how I would ever find the time, motivation or accountability to feel healthy again.











*Holly; 8 weeks apart

How Does It Work?

Working with other Mamas and taking on board their feedback and advice, I developed a coaching system that takes into account all aspects of your life.

I will work with you to discover new habits, build on old ones, gain control and time, while becoming a fitter, healthier and more confident version of you WITHOUT giving up what you love most.

Family life, career, social life, hobbies, health conditions, sleep patterns and more… it all forms the foundations of your personalised plan!


*Casey; 8 weeks apart

What's The Signup Process?

I want to find out as much as possible about you and your lifestyle so the best way to do that is to jump on a Zoom call and you can tell me all about you and your goals! You can find out more about me and my coaching methods too and make sure that we will work well together!

From there, you will fill in a questionnaire with even more details (spare me nothing!) The more detail you give, the more personal your programme is! The more personal your programme is, the quicker you reach your goals!

Once your first payment is made, you’ll be added to my coaching software and I’ll start building your plan.

I’ll also analyse your current nutrition habits and work closely with you to set some new goals.

You’ll be added to a group chat with the rest of my awesome 1:1 coaching team, and then when your programme is ready, you’ll be sent a welcome video and be a step closer to reaching your goals.

*Nicky; 4 weeks apart

I’m ready to sign up; what happens once I’m in the team?

You’ll have daily contact with me via WhatsApp to ask any questions, share your wins, give me feedback or just for a general chat.

You’ll also be part of a growing community of like minded women in our group chat where you’ll receive motivational chat, share recipes, wins, goals and be part of exclusive social events and team chats.

You’ll receive weekly workouts; as many or as little as you can manage. You can do these whenever and wherever you want!

You’ll have a daily calorie and macro goal as well as other daily habits, which you’ll track daily.

You’ll have a weekly check in with myself to chat about the week and make sure we have a solid plan in place for the following week!

You’ll be able to join online seminars, live team workouts, events and have access to documents such as recipes, workout guides and presentations on topics such as training around your menstrual cycle, how to manage stress and improve mindset.

If you’re still reading, you’re obviously interested… take a look at what the current team are saying and then get in touch to reach your goals now!

*Gemma- 4 weeks apart


What people are saying

I have taken part in a few different programme’s with Coach Lou at Omni, from bridal boot camp to summer challenges including nutritional advice. I would 100% recommend Coach Lou for health and nutritional coaching. She is very understanding, patient and realistic. Each programme has been tailored to me to enable me to workout at home with the equipment I have. Don’t hesitate to contact Louise for any health and fitness coaching you require!

Louise is absolutely the best - she is very professional in the way she treats her clients, knows exactly what she is doing but also makes the experience so much fun. Couldn't recommend her more highly. I feel energised and ready to go after a session at Omni. Thank you Louise.

Louise's gym is a fantastic place to train, Louise is a great coach, she motivates me during each session, the work outs are never the same. I always look forward to working out there with Louise. Also love the results from losing inches and seeing my body change 😊 why I am giving five stars.

Louise is a great PT, always motivates me to push myself further. The workout sessions are always varied and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend for any fitness levels.


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