Get your priorities right!

By Louise Ballantyne // On February 24, 2020

Just as I was getting into the swing of things after our holiday, life got a bit chaotic. Sometimes things happen and you end up slightly off track. It’s part of life. Sometimes though, without even realising it’s your own fault. So although its apologies from me for the extended lack of content; I had to prioritise and that’s exactly what I’d like to talk about now.

If you’re following us on social media, you will see we’ve been working hard to finish off our wee studio gym, we’ve been busy with school contracts, clients and online coaching. I’m studying for more advanced fitness qualifications. I’ve also signed up for a few Crossfit comps, an adventure race and a run so I’ve upped my training game.

All positive and moving in the right direction for sure, but at one point a few weeks back, I was so overwhelmed by everything that it occurred to me that even though I was working long hours and training twice a day, I wasn’t actually making much progress. I was tired, I was stressed and I couldn’t switch off. Perhaps different circumstances, but I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to that feeling? Lack of concentration, lack of sleep and ever growing to do lists; I knew something had to give.

One of the advantages of my business is that I can oversee everything from my phone. One of the disadvantages of my business is that I can oversee everything from my phone. There lies issue number 1 when trying to prioritise. I thought I had perfected the art of time management in self employment; created a home office away from the rest of the house, using a planner to create a schedule for the day and having a routine of starting and finishing at a certain time. What I didn’t consider was that picking up my phone at any point outwith those times, would very quickly lead to ‘overtime’ and therefore less ‘me time.’ Simply scrolling through social media for me leads to unplanned client check ins, unscheduled emailing and unintentional studying and it wasn’t until someone else highlighted it that I realised it was a problem. I would ‘finish’ work, train, have dinner then relax; all part of the schedule I’d planned earlier in my new fancy planner. The planned two hours of relaxing actually translated to 5 mins of a film or 2 pages of a book followed by 90 mins on my phone. Self employed or not; when was the last time you had some time away from your phone or tablet?

Prioritising for me until very recently was writing a list of tasks in order of importance and working through them until they were finished. Pretty standard. What I forgot about was prioritising ME. I’ve spoken to friends and family about this and felt sad when I realised that I wasn’t alone. We all spend so much time prioritising other things that we forget what’s most important. Yes, YOU are most important! Never feel guilty for putting yourself first!

I am by no means an expert but by making a few changes, I have made progress so I’ll share some tips on prioritising in my next post. In the mean time, if you’ve read this far, I reckon it’s because you can relate so try prioritising YOU today by taking time away from technology; have a bath, meet some friends, read a book, cook, watch a film. Whatever. Do it for you. Do it without the company of your phone. Be present in that moment and enjoy what it feels like to switch off and actually relax. Prioritise you. 

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