The New Normal?

2020. Whatever way you look at it and whatever outlook you have on life, I think we can all agree that it hasn’t been a great year. For some, that sentence will be the biggest understatement, for others, perhaps it could have been worse. I’m sure though, for everyone, it’s relatable in some way. As […]

Tackling Obesity- Is the Government Strategy Going to Work?

I’m sure you will have seen the news with the announcement of the UK Governments obesity strategy, so with the help of my Instagram followers, (@lou_loving_life and @livingomni) I’m going to delve into this a bit further. The thoughts and opinions below, unless otherwise stated, are my own.# Let’s firstly take a look at the […]

The Toughest Times

The Toughest Times There’s no denying that the last month has been the hardest month of my life. The next month is going to be harder. Am I prepared for that? No. Will I cope? Yes. I’m not quite sure how yet but I know I will. Friends and family keep telling me how much […]

On the road again…

A few little life changes (for the better!) and it’s been a crazy few weeks on the road again up and down (mainly down!) the country which has taken us way further South from the anticipated Grahams so I wanted to update so that anyone interested could keep track of my progress, or, indeed, lack […]

Positive Vibes Only

I wish I could say I was writing now because I had something exciting and positive to blog about but unfortunately it’s more a case of trying to create positives out of a bit of a rubbish situation. A couple of months ago, I received some devastating news that would change everything. My Dad was […]

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