Finding my way after the 4th Trimester

I wrote and vlogged about the three trimesters of pregnancy and haven’t found the time or the motivation to share much since then. I might at some point write about the 4th trimester (the first 12 weeks after having a baby) as there is a lot to discuss, however, I felt it more important to […]

My Birth Story

On 11th February 2021 @ 13:34, our lives changed forever as April Freya Talbot, weighing 6lb 5.5 entered into the world after an 19 hour labour. Our beautiful baby girl was finally here after over 72 hours of an induction of labour… If you don’t fancy reading on but do what to know what happened, […]

Trimester 3- The End is in Sight

As I write this now, my beautiful 5 week old baby girl, April is lying in her crib beside me. We made it through the rollercoaster journey that is pregnancy! This last trimester was by far my favourite and although it came with its usual ups and downs, the symptoms were a lot less frequent […]

Trimester 2- Another Bumpy Ride

So Bumpie and I made it to the end of another trimester and what a ride it’s been! Before I go into the all the gory details, I’ll remind you that this is an honest account of my experiences in pregnancy. I discuss potential PPROM and changes in babies movement, so please don’t read on […]

Trimester 1- A Rollercoaster Ride

For me, trimester 1 is done! Complete! Finished! Ended! I’d love to say I nailed it, but instead I’ll go with I made it! I’d also love to say that the trimester 1 symptoms are gone and that they were exactly like we read in books, but what’s not often spoken about is the severity […]

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