Post Partum Fitness (post 6-8 weeks)

Here are a few of my favourite exercises to help strengthen the deep core (transverse abdominus) and reactivate the glutes post pregnancy. With a growing bump, both have been misaligned and weakened so it’s very important to strengthen them before increasing intensity and more dynamic movements. I always advise you see a pelvic health physio […]

What is and how to check for Diastasis Recti?

What is and how to check for diastasis recti? As the uterus expands during pregnancy, the muscles of the abdomen (rectus abdominus; commonly ‘six pack muscles’ and yes, even it you can’t see them, we all have them!) can be stretched and separated. This isn’t a gap as such, just a stretching and thinning of […]

Post Partum Exercise- First 6-8 Weeks

Post Partum Exercise (The first 6-8 weeks) Don’t get too excited… if you think this is a post with a high intensity workout to regain that pre pregnancy body 2 weeks post partum, then you are definitely in the wrong place. ⁣ It took 9 months of hard work and a toll on our bodies […]