Personalised NUTRITION

Get the most from YOUR NUTRITION

Making changes to your diet can improve both your physical and mental health and can be all you need to manage your weight and reach your goals. Whether you are looking to lose fat, build muscle, learn about macros or simply eat healthier, we start by offering an initial consultation to establish current eating habits, lifestyle factors and health issues. Your coach will then work with you to develop a sustainable and achievable plan to help you to reach your goals and improve your relationship with food.

How It Works

In advance of your hour-long session, your coach will email a series of questions to gain as much insight into your current habits and goals.

Your coach will then analyse this data before the consultation, leaving the full hour to discuss various options available to you and plenty of time for you to ask any questions and ensure you fully understand the information.

You will then receive an email with your detailed plan and supporting information.


You will have 7 days a week support from your coach over Whatsapp or Messenger and the option to book follow up sessions if required.


Initial consultation
Follow up
30 mins – £12
Follow up
Per hour – £20

*Zoom consultations available at present due to Covid-19.