On the road again…

A few little life changes (for the better!) and it’s been a crazy few weeks on the road again up and down (mainly down!) the country which has taken us way further South from the anticipated Grahams so I wanted to update so that anyone interested could keep track of my progress, or, indeed, lack of!

By this stage, I had hoped to have done around 10. I also hoped to have the A-Z fully underway and on the road to raising the profile of our fundraising efforts. As it often does however, life took over and I find myself around 200 miles South of the nearest Graham as I write this. I’m disappointed that it’s been a slower start, but sometimes we gotta do what we have to do and in this instance, a few more weeks of life on the road was what we had to do.

That compromise, however, means my brain is full of positive vibes, big plans, new goals, new dreams and new challenges and without the trips South of the border, I maybe wouldn’t have that. The Grahams will still be there and the delay in starting just makes me want to push even harder to succeed.

I’ve been training like a beast while I have been away, focussing on getting myself into the best shape I can be for the upcoming 16+ ascents of Mount Everest. Ok… that’s just an analogy I like to use for the 223 remaining Grahams but it sounds good eh? The main Graham, my Dad, is doing pretty damn good right now too which makes it all even more motivating. He had an appointment last week with his consultant where we found out the tumour has almost halved which literally was the best news we could have heard, considering only a few months ago, they didn’t know if the treatment would work at all!

It’s funny how such a shit thing puts everything else into perspective. My Dad and I have spent more time together recently, even with me travelling a lot, than we ever have in my adult life and we’re enjoying each others company so much more; acting like complete goofballs, laughing at things that probably aren’t funny and doing things that we usually would find pretty boring and monotonous like visits to TK Maxx and trips to collect batteries from caravans! He, or his cancer, also encouraged me to make some pretty big life decisions, to be completely ok with some that were made for me and to see the best in people, life and the trials and tribulations it throws at us. I’ve known for a long time that there were certain aspects of my life I wasn’t happy with and only from this, did I decide to do something about it.

My life is now emptied of bad attitudes, negativity and weak, unprofessional, jealous individuals and instead is full of happiness, love, positivity, memories and people that truly matter!

If you’ve read this far, always remember this:

  1. If you are not obsessed with the life you are living, change it!
  2. The way you react to a situation has the power to change the situation into something better!

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