Cancer Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and exercise at any stage of your cancer journey.

About This Service

If you have recently had a diagnosis or have been living with cancer for some time, exercise can help support your recovery. Exercise can improve treatment side effects such as fatigue, lymphedema, muscle loss, weight changes and nausea as well as help you to manage the associated stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Exercise can support recovery before and after surgery and staying active throughout your cancer journey. Studies show that fitness levels reduce significantly after a cancer diagnosis and can often remain low after complete treatment, which can lead to further health issues. It is often the case that you are unsure of what is safe for you. I want to take this worry away and work with you at any stage of your cancer journey.
Before surgery- exercise pre-surgery can help you to recover faster and have better outcomes
During treatment- Incorporating gentle exercise into your schedule will help ease the side effects and support a healthy mind
After treatment- Helping you to rebuild the area of the body that has been affected
Beyond cancer- Supporting you back to independence and reaching your goals.
I will work with you every step of the way to ensure you feel confident, safe and supported throughout. Every starting point is different and we will work together to build on this.

Features & Benefits

Improve treatment side effects
Aid recovery


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a new diagnosis, can I start working out straight away?
Whether you have been working out up until now or you haven't been in a routine of regularly exercise, you can start almost straight away. To be coached by us either face to face or virtually, you will need to get permission from your GP or health professional before you get started. This is just to let us know of any potential side effects and help us understand a bit more about your condition. Once we have this consent, you can start with us and your condition will be monitored throughout. Even before we have consent, we would recommend that you increase your activity levels through walking or activities of daily life.
How do I get referred?
You can self refer but after the consultation, you would still require consent from your oncologist or GP or health professional. You can ask your oncologist or GP at an appointment but likewise, the referral form can be be emailed directly to your referrer. It’s a straightforward referral detailing your medication and further details on your condition.
How do I get started?
The process is simple. You get in touch with us via the orange consultation button. Once we receive your enquiry, we will respond within 48 hours and arrange a suitable time for your consultation. Your consultation will take place either via voice call, video call or in person and we will discuss your goals/needs/lifestyle. Once you decide to go ahead, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete as well as a payment link and your programming and planning will commence.
Is the coaching individual or is there a group I can join?
We often run face to face group sessions for people with similar conditions and this allows people to not only feel fitter and healthier, but the opportunity to meet others who are experiencing similar feelings. Having a support network around you can really help come to terms with a diagnosis and take your mind off the worry you may be feeling. During your consultation we can discuss your preferences.
How does it work?
Everything is tailored to your needs and there are options to train individually, or as part of a group. You can train in person, remotely or via a hybrid programme and all options are discussed at your consultation.


What people are saying

I have taken part in a few different programme’s with Coach Lou at Omni, from bridal boot camp to summer challenges including nutritional advice. I would 100% recommend Coach Lou for health and nutritional coaching. She is very understanding, patient and realistic. Each programme has been tailored to me to enable me to workout at home with the equipment I have. Don’t hesitate to contact Louise for any health and fitness coaching you require!

Louise is absolutely the best - she is very professional in the way she treats her clients, knows exactly what she is doing but also makes the experience so much fun. Couldn't recommend her more highly. I feel energised and ready to go after a session at Omni. Thank you Louise.

Louise's gym is a fantastic place to train, Louise is a great coach, she motivates me during each session, the work outs are never the same. I always look forward to working out there with Louise. Also love the results from losing inches and seeing my body change 😊 why I am giving five stars.

Louise is a great PT, always motivates me to push myself further. The workout sessions are always varied and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend for any fitness levels.


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