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Personalised Fitness and Nutrition coaching for sustainable results.

About This Service

Ditch the diet culture and learn to love food! Eat a bit of whatever you fancy, move in a way you enjoy and reach goals and outcomes that will last.

I will work with you to find out more about your lifestyle; what you eat, how you exercise, your job, your family and social life and much more. All of this matters when planning a programme of fitness and nutrition and with every programme specific to your needs it’s important to get as much information as possible.

I will analyse your eating habits and calculate an achievable calorie and protein goal that fits your lifestyle!

You will never feel restricted and if your hobbies include a cocktail or two at the weekend and a pizza on a Tuesday, then we will ensure that continues!

Face to face, virtual and hybrid coaching to improve overall health, achieve your goals, improve your relationship with food, increase confidence and feel the best you ever have!

Train with us at our private studio gym (PH2) or partner gym (KY8), in your own home or in your regular gym. Train on your own, with friends, family or as part of a group of likeminded people.

Features & Benefits

Train anywhere; private gym studio, in your existing gym, or in your home or garden
Fully qualified and insured personal training


Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't exercised before, can I start now?
You are never too late to start exercising. Exercise helps keep your mind and body healthy and all of our programmes are tailored specifically to you. Your starting point is individual to you and we will progress at your pace. We look at your whole lifestyle including your job, family life, hobbies, interests and plan with those in mind. Physical activity is more than just exercise and we will help make it work for you.
I have tried lots of diets before but none of them work for me. Can you help?
Diets don't work long term. They work for short periods due to calorie restriction but usually as soon as you stop the diet, you will gain weight again. Diets encourage restriction and we don't believe this is healthy or sustainable. We want to support you to learn about healthy eating and find the balance between reaching your goals and enjoying yourself. Food is to nourish us, but also to be enjoyed. We use tried and tested methods and a simple approach to nutrition. We help you to work out calories and macros and tailor them to meet your needs.
I have a medical condition and I am worried that exercising will make it worse. How can I manage this?
Louise is qualified and insured to work with most medical conditions and will seek consent from your GP or health professional before commencing a new programme of exercise. We will work with you to find out more about any symptoms or side effects and plan your exercise around this. If you have a rare condition that we are not qualified to work with, we will support you to find another coach who can work with you.
How do I get started?
The process is simple. You get in touch with us via the orange consultation button. Once we receive your enquiry, we will respond within 48 hours and arrange a suitable time for your consultation. Your consultation will take place either via voice call, video call or in person and we will discuss your goals/needs/lifestyle. Once you decide to go ahead, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete as well as a payment link and your programming and planning will commence.
What is virtual coaching?
Virtual coaching is personal or group training delivered to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Using specialist software, we plan your fitness and nutrition around your goals and you can workout anywhere; home or gym. Using the app, you can upload comments, photos and videos and we can provide detailed feedback. We will have weekly check ins to discuss progress as well as ongoing support to your coach via messaging. We can also offer hybrid coaching, which means you can book a regular or one off one to one face to face session to focus on technique, or just as extra motivation. One of the benefits of virtual or hybrid is that it costs less than face to face but you will still get the same individual support.
I already go to a gym, but not really sure what to do or how to progress, is there an option for me?
Virtual coaching would be great for you because it is tailored to the equipment at the facility you are a member of. The coaching app has a bank of demonstration videos so that you can learn how to use equipment safely. Using the upload feature of the app, you can get feedback and coaching so that you are always progressing.
I'm in a good routine with working out but struggling to improve my nutrition, can you help with nutrition only?
We offer nutrition only packages; either one off or monthly rolling programmes. We will look at your current eating habits and ask you to record an honest food diary to analyse and assess your needs. Then, with this information along with your current stats (age/weight/job/stress levels etc) we will put together a plan of action and set targets for your calories and macros. You will then keep tracking your food and drink intake and we will have weekly check ins to monitor progress as well as ongoing support from your coach.


What people are saying

I have taken part in a few different programme’s with Coach Lou at Omni, from bridal boot camp to summer challenges including nutritional advice. I would 100% recommend Coach Lou for health and nutritional coaching. She is very understanding, patient and realistic. Each programme has been tailored to me to enable me to workout at home with the equipment I have. Don’t hesitate to contact Louise for any health and fitness coaching you require!

Louise is absolutely the best - she is very professional in the way she treats her clients, knows exactly what she is doing but also makes the experience so much fun. Couldn't recommend her more highly. I feel energised and ready to go after a session at Omni. Thank you Louise.

Louise's gym is a fantastic place to train, Louise is a great coach, she motivates me during each session, the work outs are never the same. I always look forward to working out there with Louise. Also love the results from losing inches and seeing my body change 😊 why I am giving five stars.

Louise is a great PT, always motivates me to push myself further. The workout sessions are always varied and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend for any fitness levels.


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